Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Connecting with Your Students using Adobe Connect

Today we had a great workshop led by Lisa. She led us through many of the ins and outs of Connect. One of the biggest practical issues she helped us with was how to deal with multiple participants. We all needed to have our own headphones and have our mic, otherwise echos could be heard by everyone involved. Another gem that came out of the discussion was how to make students feel included. One key to this is having a brief check in with participants at the start of a meeting. This allows people to put voices and faces together with names. Lisa also exposed us to many of the useful tools that connect has, like chat, screen, application or monitor share, polling, uploading documents, and more. Adobe Web Connect can be used to teach online courses, hold office hours, perform webinars, and go on virtual field trips. It could also be used to allow ill students, or students who are unable to physically join class, to attend from a remote location. Although it is limited in some capacities, Adobe and other web conferencing software systems allow unique opportunities for collaboration from afar and interaction with people who would normally be inaccessible. If anyone would like to contact Lisa about Adobe Web Connect, please email her at l.auchincloss@gmail.com. She is happy to answer questions or direct you to someone who can help.

If you would like to purchase Adobe for your classes, click here for information on pricing.
To learn more about adobe connect, click here.

Contributed by: Robert and Lisa

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