Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Schedule for Fall 2011

We had a great first meeting tonight. It was wonderful to meet the
new group of enthusiastic GTCers. I am looking forward to a
productive and stimulating quarter!

Here is our schedule thus far (I will keep you updated if there are

Oct 3: Technology in the Classroom, How to incorporate technology and
provide more learning opportunities for students.
Presenters: Ania, Matt, Leslie

Oct 10: Student Engagement, Encouraging student interaction and
enthusiasm in the classroom
Presenters: Sarah, Dharma, Ann

Oct 17: Guest lecture (possibly John Stenzel from the University
Writing Program)

Oct 24: Education Theory and Social Structure of the Classroom
Presenters: Duane, Tim, Swanti

Oct 31 Social location TBA

Nov 7: TBA, Presenter: Lisa Auchincloss

Nov 14: Working in the framework of a large lecture class: The Role of
Katerine, Robert, Betta

Nov 21: Guest Speaker

Nov 28: Open

Dec 5: Share and Share Alike: The quarter's most valuable experiences
and lessons in teaching.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

American RadioWorks: Podcast Friday: Don’t Lecture Me!

This is a excellent podcast outlining the beginnings of physics education research, and cross-disciplinary educational methods. Enjoy!


Don’t Lecture Me: Rethinking the Way College Students Learn tells the unexpected story of how a group of physicists became concerned about what their students were learning, what they did about it, and how their work is influencing a new generation trying to reinvent college so that students really learn.