Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 6: Public Speaking and Gaining Confidence

This week Huanyu (Joe) Qiao led a discussion entitled “Public Speaking and Gaining Confidence.”  We watched two example speeches delivered by Lance Miller and Hans Rosling respectively.
Here are the links for the two speeches:
1.      Miller’s speech:

After watching the first speech, we discussed the guidelines for how to prepare a good public talk based on the manual of the Toastmaster International Club:
·         Organize Your Speech — Introduce the basic concepts of organizing a speech around a speech outline.
·         Get to the Point — Clearly state your speech goal, and make sure that every element of your speech focuses on that goal.
·         How to Say It — Examine word choice, sentence structure, and rhetorical devices.
·         Your Body Speaks — Complement words with posture, stance, gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact.
·         Vocal Variety — Guides you to add life to your voice with variations in pitch, pace, power, and pauses.
·         Research Your Topic — Addresses the importance of backing up your arguments with evidence, and touches on the types of evidence to use.
·         Get Comfortable With Visual Aids — Examines the use of slides, transparencies, flip charts, whiteboards, or props.

We also discussed how to gain confidence in front of your audiences:
·         As a teacher, be confident in your expertise in your field!
·         Practice makes perfect.
·         Have a detailed plan before you enter the classroom.
·         Take a deep breath before you start to give the talk.

Rosling’s talk demonstrates how to effectively use visual aids in a speech or a class.
We discussed several techniques that Hans Rosling used in his speech (
  • Explain the data axes
  • Highlight subsets of data
  • Dig deeper to unwrap data
  • Place labels close to data points
  • Answer the “Why?” questions
  • Complement data with energetic delivery

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