Thursday, January 15, 2015

Winter 2015 Kick-off!

Hello GTC!

We had our first meeting of the Winter 2015 quarter yesterday, and things are off to a great start!  We had a great group of attendees with varied interests and strengths when it comes to teaching, so it will be an informative and rewarding quarter. 

As a group, we decided on our theme for this quarter’s meetings: Strategies for Engagement.  This is a topic we felt everyone would have something to contribute to, and would be able to relate to.  It includes keeping learners, other audiences, and ourselves engaged while teaching.

Some workshop topics we planned on this theme (and approximate dates) include:
-Presentation Basics (1/21)
-Avoiding the Powerpoint Rabbit Hole (1/28)
-Class-time Technology (2/4)
-Assessments (& How they can be employed to the benefit of learners and instructors) (2/11)
-Managing Material: Balancing Professional Presentations v. Teaching (2/18)
-Maintaining Student (and Instructor) Enthusiasm and Focus (2/25)

Remember that if you are interested in earning a certificate for this quarter, you’ll need to lead or help lead one workshop.  We still have an open slot on 3/4 when you could present on a topic of your choosing related to our theme, or you can talk to us about how you might co-lead one of the workshops listed above. 

Our meetings are on Wednesdays from 12-1 in Academic Surge 2375—feel free to come by for any or all weeks!  Brown bag lunch also encouraged.

Looking forward to a great quarter!

Rachel Anderson
Co-facilitator, 2015

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