Monday, October 8, 2012

Graduate Teaching Community Fall 2012 Workshop Series on Multidisciplinary Teaching

Beginning this Wednesday, October 10th, the UCD Graduate Teaching Community (GTC), a student-led organization dedicated to learning about and improving our teaching and pedagogical skills, will be hosting its weekly workshop series. The theme for this quarter is Multidisciplinary Teaching.
WHAT: Graduate Teaching Community (GTC) Welcome Meeting
WHERE: Plant and Environmental Sciences (PES) 2004
WHEN: This Wednesday, October 10, from 12-1 pm (feel free to bring your lunch)
Workshop certificates are available for those who register, attend 7 of 9 meanings, and facilitate 1 meeting.
The GTC is a student-run group for graduate students and post-docs - brought to you by the Center for Excellence and Teaching and Learning (CETL). Through our workshop series, we attempt to share our experiences inside and outside the classroom to benefit both ourselves and our students. Whether you are teaching this quarter, next quarter, or planning to teach in the future, all are welcome to attend. Feel free to bring your lunch with you, and get ready for a productive, enriching and educational experience!

For additional information, visit the GTC website, our Facebook page, or contact this year's GTC coodinators: Sarah Messbauer and Donnelly West.

Please see the attached flyer. Hope to see you there!
~Sarah and Donnelly~

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