Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter GTC Diversity Certificate Series

We kicked off our Winter GTC Diversity certificate series with a workshop on educational opportunities. The organizers, Lisa and Robert, introduced themselves and laid out the structure for the series. To earn a certificate attendance at seven of nine workshops required. Additionally each participant must lead or co-lead a workshop. Being responsible for a session involves creating publicity the week before so that it can be emailed out, facilitating a 20-30 minute activity and leading a discussion for the balance of time, and finally authoring a blog post about your week.

We discussed the many different types of diversity that show up in the class room to varying degrees, for a link to the list or to sign up, contact either Robert or Lisa. This lead directly into a discussion of Socio-Economic-Status, or SES. Many participants contributed to the discussion about what SES meant to them, and how it was as much a cultural expectation as it was the parties involved. The discussion around SES and educational opportunities tied into an activity about the educational trajectories that we took to arrive here in graduate school.

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