Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Gleeful GTC Experience

Some of you may associate the name “New Directions” with the creativity, vitality and crazy mash-ups, of the recently popularized TV series Glee. We at GTC, associate it with creativity, vitality, and crazy mash-up . . . in the winter quarter. Our GTC meeting last Monday became a productive brainstorming session about where to take the Graduate Teaching Community in the future.

And we are deciding to take it on an adventure (which may involve some serious kinesthetic learning, not unlike a glee club). So next quarter we will be asking GTC participants to come to each session ready to learn a lesson and evaluate the style and functionality of the teaching presented. Those who volunteer to teach will get a chance to strut their stuff in front of a supportive audience with teaching experience, who can provide insightful feedback. Those who observe will be asked not only to evaluate the teaching experience, but also the style and modality in which they are asked to learn. We will ask you to come to a kinesthetic teaching workshop, a workshop in which you will be asked to learn with a temporarily imposed disability, and workshops in which you will be taught in sterotypical and a-typical environments. So, get ready GTC for a brand new quarter this winter with a new approach. Be prepared to teach and to see your teaching through your student’s eyes.

And for the next few weeks...
Come check out how situational factors that we cannot change influence our teaching and learn about how to encourage creativity in the classroom.

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  1. Awesome, looking forward to it! how do people "sign-up" to do a trial lecture?