Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Diana Laufenberg: How to learn? From mistakes

Here is a ten minute ted talk on experiential learning:

I like how she talks about the idea of moving away from 'one right answer', getting rid of standardized testing, and how failure is a part of learning. I know there are some issues with experiential learning (so this is not a panacea for our educational system), but are also definitely many things we can learn from successes in this area. This is one way to get students motivated by and involved in their own education.

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  1. Thanks Cass, that was an excellent piece. I enjoyed the historical contrast -- but was surprised she didn't state the obvious point that this change isn't just in the schools, but in the world. It's not just learning the same stuff our parents did in a new way. Isn't it also about preparing students to thrive (navigate?) in an information-rich (overloaded) era?