Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Launch of GTC Winter 2010

Looks like we're off to an exciting start for this quarter. New faces, new ideas and a new room: Wellman 25, which puts us all around the same table. About 24 of us attended, and again we're more represented in the sciences than the humanities, but still pretty broad. As we introduced ourselves and our interests in GTC, Caitlin collected our ideas and goals on the blackboard, and we divided into focus groups around some of the popular topics -- interdisciplinary classrooms, educational theory and statements of teaching philosophy, methods and technology for student centered learning, and similar ideas. Several groups have already signed up planned presentations; Cassandra will post the current schedule. Looking forward to a varied quarter with a mix of theory and practice, diverse disciplines and diverse ideas. Next week's a holiday and will be a social at the Graduate, 5-7 pm.

Here's the handout with GTC goals.

What did you think of the first session? What would you most like to see?

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